Don’t just see the image, feel the image

It can be hard to take an image with an interesting background. Sometimes we don’t always have control of our surroundings. However, adding texture in our images is still something we control. This is a photo I took on a fashion shoot.

Original image of a model taken by Lauren Crook

The background had texture on it. The bricks are neat to look at; however, I wanted to see if I could create a more intriguing background by adding texture to the image. You can do this by finding a free texture image or take one of your own! I took a close up image of a pumpkin. In Photoshop, I set the texture image in overlay and increased the contrast. I then masked out the parts of the image I did not want the texture, for instance, on her skin. This is the difference it made on the image.

Model image with a texture added in post production taken by Lauren Crook

This is the image in post production. (after editing it in Photoshop) The bricks have a rustic feel now because of the texture and it’s pleasing to the eye. Even though there was plenty of texture in the background from the brick wall, adding a texture image really helps the audience “feel” the image now rather than just seeing it.