Create your own epic portrait with these settings and tool!

Sometimes it can be hard to correctly expose both the sky and the subject. I have wanted to capture the subject and light them correctly, but also exposed for the sky especially when it’s magnificent. With simple settings and a reflector you can create an epic portrait for yourself! All you need is a reflector or a speedlight. For this instance, I used a simple reflector with the gold side shining on the subject. Check out an amazing example of an epic portrait taken by Christie Bryant here.

How to create an epic portrait

It’s so simple, you can do it too! I call it the “Epic 3”. This consists of 3 images of the same model in the same place. In the end, your final image is your epic portrait.  All that I changed were my settings. First, I exposed for the model. My settings were F6.3, 1/640 and ISO 200.

Overexposed epic portrait by Lauren Crook

I had the model stay still and then I quickly changed my camera settings so I exposed for her. All I needed to change essentially was the f-stop, otherwise known as aperture. This controls the amount of light that the camera captures. I changed the f-stop to F22 so the the sky would be seen. The model should look like a silhouette.

Underexposed epic portrait by Lauren Crook

After this, the last step is to add the auxiliary lighting whether it be a reflector or a speedlight. Again, I chose to use a simple reflector. I lowered my f-stop to F20 with the shutter and ISO settings being the same. This was my end result.

Epic Portrait taken with a reflector by Lauren Crook