COMM 316 Portfolio

Here is a portfolio of my best work from the last couple of months. It was neat reminiscing through images I took months ago to now. The progress I have made makes me proud of myself. However, I do want to keep progressing because I still need lots of improvement. It’s still good to celebrate our accomplishments, though.

Before taking COMM 316, my images weren’t the best. They lacked creativity and the “wow” factor. Thanks to my teacher I learned so many great tips about camera lenses and editing skills. I now know the best way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. I can’t wait to continue this practice and hobby of mine to continue in my growth. Here are some of the images I took from this last semester.

COMM 316 has opened my eyes to help me figure out my personal style. I have found a passion for finding the extraordinary moments out of what may seem ordinary. I specialize in three types of photography: landscape, portraits and events.

I do love traveling so I enjoy taking the extra time to find those breathtaking nature shots. The clients I have worked with always have a great time. I create a friendship with everyone I work with because I know how important it is and I want to capture the most comfortable and natural you; the BEST you. Eventually, my dream is to become an event photographer. Events happen so fast and I want the audience to relive their experiences. While the audience gets an overall view of the performance or sporting event, I love getting close and capturing the emotion of the performers or athletes.

An event shot taken at Scurryvore concert taken by Lauren Crook

Male fashion shoot taken in a studio by Lauren Crook

Island Park sunrise by Lauren Crook

Long exposure light painting outside by Lauren Crook

Movie Poster Parody by Lauren Crook

Yellowstone Geyser Landscape image taken by Lauren Crook

Grand Teton National Park landscape picture taken by Lauren Crook

Model picture edited in post production with a LUT overlay taken by Lauren Crook