Fisherman and Bride Outdoor Theme Portraits

Portraits are always fun to do, but capturing theme portraits have more depth and meaning. While traveling to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park and I wanted to try and capture some lifestyle portraits. A common hobby I saw was fishing, which is hardly surprising.

I also know, because of the beautiful landscapes in the area, many brides have their bridal pictures taken or even host their weddings there. I was able to capture some portraits of a bride near the Grand Teton mountains as well as a nearby fisherman.

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My settings for the bridal portraits were F4, 1/800 and ISO 125 with 2 Godox studio lights.

A bridal themed portrait by Lauren Crook

A bride themed portrait by Lauren Crook

My settings for the fisherman were F5.6, 1/500 and ISO100.

A themed portrait of a fisherman by Lauren Crook