My Personal Project: Landscapes, Events and Portraits

Flatlay display of Lauren Crook's photo lookbook taken by Lauren Crook

For the last couple of months I have spent countless hours trying different photography techniques and challenging myself to discover my style. Through this process I have discovered my passion for landscape, portrait and event photography. Landscapes are beautiful and capturing the extraordinary moments is what I live for. I spent time in various places across east idaho to Wyoming and Montana to view God’s creations. I have come to love the natural sunlight and gorgeous skies that watch over nature. I was also able to attend several events, even amidst a pandemic. Event photography captures moments that that happen so quickly. I love making those moments last. Spending time with studio lighting was also a challenge, but studying light and different poses to create the image I was visualizing has helped me come to love this type of photography.

To sum up my style I created a photo look book that features some of my best images. My style of photography was hard to me to find. After taking photography classes and testing my skills at various places, I realized I enjoyed taking pictures at events, landscapes and portraits. These three areas of photography showcase my skills the best. I’ve also learned which lenses work best for each type of photography as well. Here are a few of my highlights.

Time: For this project, I organized and completed a fashion shoot and photographed two campus events. In addition, with the editing and designing my photo look book, the time I spent on my project is 10 hours.

Deliverables: I posted 17 new images between my 2 campus events and fashion shoots. Here are the links to each blog post:

Studio Fashion Shoot

Fitness and Holiday Events Amid a Pandemic



Yellowstone Geyser Landscape image taken by Lauren Crook

Yellowstone Geyser Landscape image taken by Lauren Crook

Island Park Landscape image taken by Lauren Crook

Island Park Landscape image taken by Lauren Crook


Holiday event on campus doing karaoke taken by Lauren Crook

Holiday event on campus in escape rooms taken by Lauren Crook

Event shot taken at General Conference

An event taken at Nobunto concert taken by Lauren Crook

An event shot taken at Scurryvore concert taken by Lauren Crook


Fashion shoot image of a woman taken by Lauren Crook

Male fashion shoot taken in a studio by Lauren Crook

Fashion business shoot taken in a studio by Lauren Crook

Model picture edited in post production with a LUT overlay taken by Lauren Crook