Grand Teton National Park at It’s Finest

Grand Teton National Park is one of those places that will blow your mind. The Teton mountains are intimating in size, but incredible in nature. To learn more about the Grand Teton National Park click here.

One of my favorite parts about the Tetons is when the light from the sun casts flares over the mountains. The lake close by the mountains provide a beautiful, clear reflection as well! When taking images of water it’s important to have a slow shutter speed; however, with this location specifically, you will need to adjust your setting so the image isn’t over exposed. Another tip is to have a high aperture. This will allow things farther away to still be in focus. This setting will help keep the Tetons in focus. My aperture was usually around F11. Here are a few images that I took on my trip to Grand Teton National Park.

The tetons taken by Lauren Crook

A lake at Grand Teton National Park taken by Lauren Crook

To capture this last image, I took it during Blue hour (which is after sunset). I also used a tripod with a slow shutter speed to capture the incoming light. The light source was from someone shining a flashlight into the old barn. My settings were F8, 10-second timer with a 2-second delay and ISO 250. 

A barn in Grand Teton National Park taken by Lauren Crook